More than 40 Muslim, Arab, Sikh, South Asian Charities to Pres. Obama: Help Local Communities & Counter Extremists’ Aid by Reforming Federal Charity Laws

(WASHINGTON, DC) August 11, 2010–In a letter sent today–the first day of Ramadan–to President Barack Obama, the national civil rights organization Muslim Advocates, and 42 other national and local American Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian charities and civic organizations expressed their concerns that current federal charitable giving laws & regulations are creating an untenable situation for Americans who wish to help their neighbors here and disaster victims overseas, in nations like Pakistan. These laws instill fear in would-be donors and dissuade them from giving. Restricting donors’ ability to give charity abroad may also undermine American efforts to promote itself as a kind and generous nation in parts of the world where its reputation is most in jeopardy.

Muslim Advocates believes that the President and Congress should reform current charitable giving laws and make lawful, generous donations from American Muslims more possible at home and abroad. With so many state and local governments suffering severe budget cutbacks, communities are counting on local charities to fill the gap these days. American Muslim charities–like other faith-based organizations–help fulfill this role, but only if donors can give without fear of federal scrutiny.
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