29 ACLU Chapters Join Muslim Advocates Suit v. DOJ Over Full Disclosure of FBI Guidelines

(SAN FRANCISCO) July 27, 2010–Today, 29 state chapters of the ACLU join the national legal and educational organization Muslim Advocates in an ongoing legal effort to seek full disclosure of the unedited copy of investigative guidelines the FBI has issued to its agents.

As FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before Congress on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, Muslim Advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union urge Director Mueller to tell Congress the full story about how the agency’s extraordinary tools to fight crime are being turned against millions of its own citizens, including American Muslims. Tools intended to protect the country–such as massive data collection and analysis–instead, give the FBI unprecedented and unchecked power to amass huge amounts of detailed information on innocent Americans and community groups.

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Read the Associated Press articles about Muslim Advocates’ suit from July 27 and July 28, and watch Executive Director Farhana Khera discussing the guidelines on Democracy Now!