Supreme Court Ruling Further Confuses American Muslim Donors

(SAN FRANCISCO) June 21, 2010–The U.S. Supreme Court’s narrow ruling in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project today fails to provide clarity to donors and charities seeking to aid the poor and promote peace, stability and progress in the U.S. and throughout the world. While the Court’s decision specifically limited its analysis to the conduct of the plaintiffs before them, the Court affirmed that an individual’s intent to assist with peaceful, lawful activities was irrelevant.

Download a statement on the ruling by Muslim Advocates.
Muslim Advocates Attorney Addresses Material Support Laws At Convention

On Friday, June 18, Muslim Charities Works Counsel Akil Vohra addressed attendees of the 2010 American Constitution Society Convention in Washington, DC. Mr. Vohra spoke during the session, “Material Support Provisions and the First Amendment.”

View a video of this session.