Muslim Advocates, ISNA Welcome Government’s Assurance that Mosques on Alavi-Owned Property are Free to Operate

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA)–November 13, 2009. Muslim Advocates and the Islamic Society of North America today welcomed the Justice Department’s assurance that mosques operating on property owned by the Alavi Foundation are free to operate. Both organizations, however, are concerned about the continued operations of the affected mosques and Muslim institutions in the event that forfeiture proceeds.

Like other houses of worship in America, mosques serve communities and families whose lives would be deeply disrupted by their closure. Referring to the mosques, schools, law firms, businesses and other tenants of Alavi-owned properties, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said, “there are no allegations of any wrongdoing on the part of any of these tenants or occupants.” ISNA and Muslim Advocates ask that the government not deny communities the valuable services provided by mosques that authorities have publicly stated are blameless in the asset forfeiture case against the Alavi Foundation.

ISNA and Muslim Advocates recommend that all mosques and nonprofit organizations adopt best practices to ensure that their business transactions are in compliance with the law. We also urge mosques and nonprofits to adopt policies and procedures for strengthening charities recommended by Muslim Advocates. Visit the Muslim Advocates website to learn more about best practices and the Muslim Charities Accreditation Program.

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